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Burnkit2600 presents:

This is the Sound!

We made an album!

These guys totally did it! They have broken free from the space time contiuum of their lives and cannon-ball jumped straight in to the ether of infinity with a volume of music that is like no other. THIS IS THE SOUND may go laregly unnoticed in its time of inital release but it is sure to leave people of the future... let's call them "future people", The album is sure to have these "future people" scratching their heads with disbelief that any group from 7000 years ago could ever have possibly understood them so well and could sum up the bliss that they were feeling at that moment. Tears of gratitude will surely fill their space helmets as they trudge knowingly in to the future. And in the year 9013 when time travel is finally realised, it will be for the sole purpose of bringing a copy of this album into the past to the beginning of time, so THE SOUND of teh album could begin to shape society from its inception and bring about a way of life akin to utopia. Man and dinosaur will walk hand in hand into a new future that will certainly never know the Great Robot Wars of 2875. But WHY WAIT FOR ALL THIS TO COME TO PASS??? You have the unique erotic pleasure of being alive now in this glorious time! How lucky are you? You can begin enjoying THIS IS THE SOUND today! This album is probably the greatest thing you will ever have the pleasure of putting in your ears. Wait, don't actually put it in your ears, it probably wouldn't fit anyway. The album is intended to be played on your favorite media playback devices, not stuffed in to any orificeses of your body... unless that's your thing... I mean hey, whatever man, that's your business, do what you like - but Burnkit2600 is not responsible for your actions. You've been warned. Don't send the bill for having the album removed from your body to Burnkit2600, they will not pay it. Anyway, The SOUND of the album is what goes in your ears. Since the dawn of man, man has had ears. Now finally, we have a purpose for them. THIS IS THE SOUND is what your ears have been waiting for since day one. So buy a copy and finally put your ears through their paces. You're lucky, some animals don't have ears. Snakes and fish don't have ears. They evolved that way, didn't need them I guess. Whatever, that's fine! THIS IS THE SOUND was never intended to entertain fish or snakes!! Poor no-eared animals. Having heard THIS IS THE SOUND, I know what they're missing. Of course, they'll never know - but, I mean, what's your excuse? You've got ears right? Celebrate that fact with the exotic sounds of the album that is BURNKIT2600's fanstastic new album entitled, "THIS IS THE SOUND". And if you see an animal with no ears, try and downplay the fact that he is missing the single greatest arrangement of 1's and 0's ever arranged. Rather, tell him that the album wasn't that great, and kind of overhyped. No sense rubbing his nose in it, I mean that's just mean.. But I digress...

these guys are like rockstars

We are proud to announce the release of This is the Sound! We now join the ranks of thousands of hopeful and desperate musicians struggling to make their mark on a twisted and empty industry with a near obsolete medium. This album is awesome and would make a great present for your worst friends and best enemies and it is awesome.


Jonathan Sorge, co-writer of the new Seed A.I. album, said:

"You are going to stop people's hearts with this. Its gonna blow some suburban kid's mind."

Dan Gottesman, drummer on the last Seed A.I. album, who also wanted to play drums on this album, said:

"Sounds great man. I still wanna play drums on this stuff."

Chris Burke of Glomag and This Spartan Life fame, had this to say:

"It has a relative lack of melody. Maybe you are going for a more droney feel, which is an aesthetic I have appreciated in the past. I have just had more droney-ness than I need."

Roy Song, the talented Burnkit2600 collaborator featured on the groups' seminal recordings of H.O.T., Human, Puzzlegame, Flute Fly, a festidious cover of Def Leppard's 'Foolin' and other greatest hits, poiniently said:

"I dig it."

Jett Uliasz-Lyons, music critic and Thom's 3 year old nephew, said just before breaking into a not so robot-like dance:


Steve Bean, video collaborator on Burnkit2600's BENT 2005 & 2007 performances, said:

"It sounds like a video game flying through the layers of hell. I like it!"


You can buy it on or borrow it from someone else who got it on the web and tell yourself someday you'll get it for real. Either way be sure to tell us what you think of it:

What do you think of the new album?
Its awesome!
Its cool!
It rocks!
Its awesomely cool!
I honestly don't know how it could get any better.
There was one time when I thought it sucked, but then I realized it was the shit.
How do you guys come up with this stuff, it is amazing!
I listen to it pretty much every day.
Sometimes I can't sleep at night with how jealous I am that I didn't make it.
My friends like it, so I guess I do too.


We used a lot of Stuff ™ when we made the album. Here is the recipe:
  • 4 song-writing sessions
  • 2 shows
  • 6 hours of recording
  • 4 hours of overdubs
  • 1 hour yelling into small red boxes
  • 192 bottles of beer
  • 2 6581 processors
  • 2 2A03 processors
  • 2 DMG 01
  • 1 LSDJ
  • 1 Muddy GB
  • 1 Firestarter MC2
  • 1 MC303
  • 2 Cynthcarts
  • 2 MidiNES
  • 1 Bass Microsynth
  • 1 Eurodesk
  • 1 USB8
  • 1 MacBook
  • 1 FastTrack Pro
  • 8 kilobytes of Moondust
  • 1 MPC2000 with 999 samples over 32 megs
  • 1 bent 626
  • 3 homemade drum boxes
  • 980 miles driven
  • 1 mile walked
  • 32 gallons of gasoline
  • 1 pepper and onion pizza
  • 2 containers of hummus
  • 1 belgian waffle
  • 1 greek omelet
  • 1 BLT
  • 30 seconds of bathroom voyeurism
  • 10,000 watts out of 12 nine volt batteries
  • 1,000 kw/hours


Burnkit2600 is now booking for:

We are available for Corporate events, Weddings, private functions, Kid's parties, Adult parties, Teenage parties, Senior citizens parties, Revenge parties, Bar mitzvahs, Bat mitzvahs, Baptisms, exorcisms, birthings, funeral processions, holiday parties, magic shows, Secretaries Week, Bosses Day, Bank robberies, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Anniversary Baby Showers, Bachelor party, Bachelorette party, Bridal Shower, religious ceremonies, class reunions, family reunions, union reunions, onion reunions, engagement parties, pillow fights, showdowns, grand openings, less-grand closings, Proms, or any special occasion where intimate and unique sounds are cherished. Please inquire. . . Please, please inquire. INQUIRE ALREADY!

we rule so hard


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